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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that offers a wide range of specialized services. Physical therapy often focuses on preventing further injuries and it can help people to avoid surgery or a long-term dependence on medications. Physiotherapy includes assessment, treatment, advice and instruction to any person preparatory to or for the purpose of or in connection with movement dysfunction.

The PMRD department at Hayat Hospital has been designed to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation for all age groups right from one’s childhood to old age. The department strives to provide quality patient-centered care that focuses on optimizing functional ability and independence of patients according to the highest standards of care. The services involved timely effective and efficient treatment techniques as well as education to patients by a team of well-informed, dedicated, and committed Physiotherapists.

The mission of the department is to render comprehensive physiotherapy service in the areas of preventive, curative, promotive, and rehabilitative physiotherapy based on clinical assessment, medical information, and sound professional judgment with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life of the patients.

Four Core Specialities: The PMRD department is organized under Four core specialties, which encompass the scope of Physiotherapy practice namely:

  • Surgeries – In-patient & Out-patient orthopedic surgery, rheumatology, spine problems, trauma care, pain management & hand therapy for both operative, and nonoperative patients.
  • Rehabilitation – SCI, Stroke care and Neurology & cerebral palsy rehabilitation.
  • Cardio-respiratory care – Surgical respiratory, Medical Respiratory, Invasive and Noninvasive ventilation in ICU.
  • Injuries – In-patient and out-patient tender injuries, replantation, nerve injuries, soft tissue repair, and reconstruction, brachial plexus injuries, and spastic hand.

The PMRD department at Hayat Hospital has a qualified and highly experienced team of physiotherapists providing OPD services (Direct and referral) and IPD services (In ward and Intensive care units) with treatment procedures of high standards, to offer a multifaceted approach to the patient’s rehabilitation.

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Electrotherapy – SWD / IFT / TENS / US / MS / IR lamp / PWB / Hot and cold therapy.
  • Gynae/Obstetrics – Antenatal & Postnatal examples, postural correction & awareness, incontinence feedback
  • Geriatrics – Exercise prescription / regular regime mainly for osteoporosis & aging adults.
  • Neurological Disorders – Proper positioning of limbs, general mobility & strengthening examples, PNF, balance & gait training, posture training.
  • Post-Operative Cardiac Surgeries – Following cardiac surgeries pre & post-operative physiotherapeutic exercise for patients including – breathing examples, chest maneuvers, spirometry, limb physiotherapy, cardiac rehab.
  • Manual Mobilization – Joint & Soft tissue mobilization & manipulations
  • Chest Physiotherapy – Assessments of pulmonary functions, therapeutic functions, postural drainage, home care & follow ups.
  • Mechanical – Traction – Cervical / Lumbar
  • Exercise Therapy – SH wheel / T-pulley / Swiss ball / Ankle and Hand exerciser / Resistance bands / weight cuffs / Pegboard / Elbow rotator exerciser.

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