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Food & Nutrition

The importance of the dietary department goes beyond providing clean, safe, therapeutic, and timely food supply to patients. It also serves to educate patients on the value of a balanced diet and trains them to follow healthy eating habits. The dietary department plays a vital role in ensuring that patients receive proper nutrition during their hospital stay. They collaborate with healthcare professionals to develop specialized meal plans tailored to meet individual dietary needs, taking into account any specific medical conditions or dietary restrictions. This includes providing appropriate meals for patients with diabetes, food allergies, or other nutritional requirements.

Moreover, the dietary department plays a crucial role in educating patients about the importance of a balanced diet and how it contributes to overall health and recovery. They provide guidance on portion control, the inclusion of essential nutrients, and the avoidance of unhealthy food choices. By emphasizing the value of a balanced diet and providing nutritional education, the dietary department aims to empower patients to make healthy food choices even after they leave the hospital. They contribute to the holistic approach to patient care by promoting long-term health and well-being. Overall, the dietary department’s role extends beyond meal preparation and delivery, as they actively participate in enhancing patients’ understanding of nutrition and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The function of the dept. is broadly divided into three categories:

  • – Food Service, System Management
  • – Dietary Counseling
  • – Dietary Education/Training Programs

Scope Of Dietetics Department:

  • – OPD & IPD service
  • – Diabetes & related issues
  • – Hypertension & cardiac disease
  • – Liver disease
  • – Obesity & related issues
  • – Renal disease
  • – Thyroid Problem
  • – Malnutrition (underweight & overweight)
  • – Pregnancy-related issue
  • – Child Nutrition
  • – Nutrition for cancer patients
  • – All metabolic disease

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