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24 x 7 Ambulance Services

24 x 7 Ambulance Services

Hayat Hospital is proud to offer 24×7 free ambulance services for any medical emergency in Guwahati and other states of Assam. Our ambulances are equipped with the latest medical tools and equipment that can help provide the necessary help to patients during an accident or other medical emergency. We understand the importance of getting timely medical attention and so our ambulances are well-maintained and staffed with highly trained professionals who can provide immediate assistance at any time of the day. With our free ambulance service, we strive to make sure that no one has to wait for long hours in case of an emergency.

The hospital has a team of well-trained and experienced paramedics who are equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide the best care to the patients in need. In addition, Hayat Hospital also provides emergency transport services for patients from other hospitals or health centers. This service ensures that patients get timely medical attention at the hospital without having to wait long hours in an ambulance or taxi.

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