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Discover the Best Dermatologists in Guwahati: Meet Dr. Debashree Roy!

One of Best dermatologists in Guwahati and cosmetologists Dr. Debasree Roy received both her MBBS and her MD from the Institute of Guwahati Medical College in dermatology, venereology, and leprosy. She is a senior professor at a medical college and hospital and a visiting professor at many corporate hospitals situated in the city. In addition to managing acute acne, conducting chemical peels, removing warts and skin tags, rejuvenating the face, remodelling scars, and treating hair regrowth, she has been practising dermatology for 14 years. She has also received extensive hands-on training from renowned dermatological institutes in Mumbai, Delhi, etc. in hair care therapy, dermatological operations, lasers, and various aesthetic procedures, as well as eyebrow augmentation and permanent eyebrow makeup.

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