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Department of Urology at Hayat Hospital is well equipped with latest Laser and Endourology instruments to treat a wide variety of Urological problems involving the kidney, urethra, urinary bladder, prostrate & adrenal glands. Minimally Invasive Surgical techniques are used optimally for faster patient post-operative recovery with minimal pain.

Services Offered:


  • TURP (Endoscopic Surgery of Prostrate)
  • Laser Surgery (HOLEP - Holmium Laser Eneucleation)

Bladder and Urethra:

  • TURBT (Transurethral resection of bladder tumor)
  • Optical & Laser Urethrectomy for stricture urethra

Kidney Stone:

  • ESWL (Extracorporeal shock wave Lithotripsy): Non-surgical technique of stone removal.
  • PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotamy): 'KEY HOLE' surgery for kidney stones.
  • URS (Ureteroscopic removal of stone): From urethra using Laser & Lithotripsy.
  • RIRS(Retrograde intrarenal surgery): Using Flexible ureteroscopy.

Laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgeries:

  • Ureterolithotomy
  • Nephrectomy
  • Pyeloplasty
  • Ureteric Reimplantation

Laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgeries:

  • Prostate Cancer : Laparoscopy Radical Prostatectomy
  • Bladder Cancer : TURBT &Laparoscopy Radical cystectomy& Orthotropic bladder formation.
  • Kidney Cancer: Laparoscopy Radical & partial Nephro-ureterectamy.
  • Testicular tumor resection & RPLND.
  • Partial/Total penectamy & Lymphonode dissection

Pediatric (Child) Urology:

  • Hypospedias Surgery
  • Posterior urethral valve - endoscopic ablation.
  • VUR (Reflux) Surgery(Laproscopy ureteric reimplantation)
  • PUJ obstruction surgery ( Lap pyeloplasty)

Reconstructive urology & female urology:

  • Urethroplasty
  • Incontinence surgery (TVT/TOT)

Dr Amlan Jyoti Sarma, MS, DNB

Consultant, Dept. of Urology

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Dr Sobur Uddin Ahmed, MBBS, MD, DM

Consultant, Dept. of Gastroenterology & Liver Disease

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