Hayat Hospital: The Best Medical Facility in Comparison to Other Private Hospitals in Guwahati

Hayat Hospital in Odalbakra, Guwahati has earned its name as of the best private hospitals of the city. With best-in-class amenities and specialised doctors, Hayat Hospital offers a complete healthcare facility for you and your family, covering an overall patient treatment.

Accredited from NAHBL and NABL, Hayat Hospital is a 200 bedded, multi-super speciality, tertiary care private hospital in Guwahati. The hospital has established themselves as the region's best-known brand in private healthcare, synonymous with best in-class patient experience. From routine wellness & preventive health care to innovative life-saving treatments and diagnostic services, Hayat Hospital provides the best medical service to their patients when compared to other private hospitals in Guwahati.

Best Treatments Available amongst All Private Hospitals in Guwahati

Hayat Hospital in Guwahati is known for its super speciality centres. It boasts of housing one of the pioneering cardiology centres in the region for treatment from angioplasty, foetal echocardiography to minimally invasive cardiac surgery. The neurology department also provides a complete neuro care from skull base surgery to complex spine surgery. The hospital also has one of the best urology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology and nephrology departments. 100 % patient recommended, the Superspeciality centres are well equipped with new age modern technologies.

Best Private Hospital Hygiene Practices in Guwahati

When it comes to hygiene practices, Hayat Hospital does not compromise. The hospital believes in maintaining a clean hospital environment for its patients. Adhering to strict sanitisation protocol, the hospital follows proper waste disposal procedure. All the medical instruments are disinfected and sterilized before use. Along with standard precautions, covid patients are isolated in specialised isolation wards. The doctors at the hospital follow essential standard safety precautions for the care of all patients, like wearing disinfectant gloves, surgical/N-95 masks, eye protection gear and fully covered face shield.

Dedicated and Caring Staff

Ensuring patient and family comfort, the doctors and staff at the Hayat Hospital play a huge role in making the hospital one of the best private healthcare services in the region. Committed to making a difference, there are over 100specialised doctors at the hospital treating patients with excellent care. A team of efficient and diligent nurses support the doctors and are always available for any immediate patient need. Hayat Hospital is also backed by a dedicated administrative staff, working tirelessly to support the day-to-day running of the hospital.

Best Healthcare Outcomes amongst all Private Medical Hospitals in Guwahati

With best informed healthcare expertise and superior technologies, Hayat Hospital has constantly delivered a reliable outcome no matter what the case may be. Trusted by patients and families, over 100 + doctors dedicatedly treat emergencies and in the outpatient unit in the hospital. With over 25 super speciality centres, all under one roof, the hospital is proud to treat 72,000 outdoor and 8,000 indoor patients, on an average, per year. Performing complex surgeries with excellent outcomes, doctors at the hospital are lauded for their efficiency and ground breaking achievements.

Services provided by Hayat Hospitals

Hayat Hospital is known for their medical services. With leading doctors in specialised fields, the hospital operates with a promise of satisfaction. It has one of the best OPD services in the region with round the clock doctor consultations, laboratory investigations, physiotherapy and radiological diagnostics. It also extends its services to empanelled corporate companies such as Neepco, Oil India, Brahmaputra Board etc.

Hayat Hospital with its finest doctors, efficient staff and state-of-the-art technologies, has touched the lives of millions of people from across the North East Region. One of the best private medical hospital in Guwahati, it not only provides top quality medical treatment but undivided attention and post-operative care to their patients. Upholding and understanding patient concerns, Hayat Hospital never compromises on its quality and can be considered a one-stop destination for your healthcare.

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