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Broadening Of Healthcare Awareness In Guwahati

Guwahati, Assam, June 8, 2019: In the past few years, the healthcare scenario of North East India has witnessed a tremendous transformation. While service, infrastructure and patient care have been the core focus areas, medical organizations have also started aligning medical care giving with promotion of health awareness among the people.

According to findings based upon global discussions and medical research, it is becoming increasingly imperative that in addition to medical intervention, awareness is necessary. This is largely based on the growing understanding that health and wellness are dependent on more than one factor. Awareness empowers people by inspiring healthy and hygienic lifestyle adoption, timely action and right precautionary measures, and reduces the onset of many preventable diseases.

Implementing this at a local level, Guwahati based healthcare chain Hayat Multi Super Specialty Hospital has been proactively engaging with the public to raise awareness about various health issues including those which are more widespread in the region, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, problems related to tobacco consumption, cardiac health issues et al. The city based hospital has organized a multitude of healthcare awareness initiatives such as workshops, seminars, CME programmes, talk shows, awareness camps and free health check-up camps within Assam and the neighboring state of Meghalaya over the last few months. The Hayat Foundation, both independently and through collaborations with several prominent organizations like Oil India Limited (OIL), National Disaster Response Force, State Disaster Response Force, NEEPCO etc. and clinical associations with other hospitals, has been working towards addressing the various critical questions and healthcare needs of the people in North East India. The hospital has also rapidly expanded its team, added new facilities and scope of services through the inclusion of many prolific specialists, high-end equipments and the continued performance of advanced surgical procedures. Recently, Hayat Hospital has been accredited as a PG Medical Institute under the Ministry of Health. This further strengthens their ongoing efforts to broaden healthcare awareness in the region.

In earlier times healthcare services were not as evolved because of which people had to move to larger cities. But more and more of such encouraging initiatives are paving the way for a more cohesive and accessible understanding of healthcare for individuals and communities. Such efforts are also changing past trends and covering inadequacies. As the healthcare sector in NE India continues to grow and evolve, combined with the proliferation of internet and social media, audience is getting curious to know more about diseases and preventive care. It is in this context, that hospitals like Hayat are playing a pivotal role and opening up new frontiers in the healthcare domain of the region. The future looks positive and it is with optimism that we align with the changing horizons of medical care in NE India.

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